This is the only legit video I have recorded as a frontman, and it's painful for me to watch. It was our band's first show and I'm way better at that shit now.
Don't ask me why we filmed the first one; I still don't know.

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and I edit all of.... you know what? You don't care about that. I'm a singer; that's why you're here.

The stuff I can do with my voice is pretty nuts. I'm currently navigating the combined red tape of Guinness and COVID to break the record for World's Greatest Vocal Range. I can sing well over eight octaves, with a total vocal range somewhere between ten and eleven. I sing in every style, able to duplicate a vast array of well-known singers, but my passion is classic metal. I'll be aiming to write/record/perform originals more, but as you might have guessed, COVID has put a bit of a wrench in that.

For the same reason: I am no longer playing solo covers at various bars, clubs, and Santa Monica Promenades. If people can just wear their masks for a few weeks, I'll be able to start doing that again.
(^This line didn't age well...)

I have a few songs from years back recorded without vocals on Soundcloud, featuring a piano track in place of the melodies. Because, you know, studio time.