My first novel, Dilation, is out now! The prologue and first six chapters are readable on my Medium.com page, and if you don't have a premier account you can see the same 62-page preview as a pdf here.

You can also read shorter previews on your eReaders through Amazon and iBooks.


My pilot screenplay, 4th Wall, made it to the quarter-finals of the America Zoetrope Screenplay Contest, and I've recently finished a feature-length screenplay: Routine Research, a dark thriller with themes similar to Bladerunner, The Island, and A Scanner Darkly.

You can read the 60-page pilot and 5-page series bible of 4th Wall to the right (click the top right to enlarge.)

4th Wall is a prime-time, hour-long crime dramedy in which a man becomes aware he’s on a television show, and uses that knowledge to help detectives solve crimes while struggling with an unprecedented existential crisis.

4th Wall Final Draft + Bible.pdf